by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin


I haven’t gone bitter, it’s the title of a book. Believe it or not, my husband got the audio version (I forgot the reasoning), and I’ve been listening to it on his iPod Shuffle.

It’s written by Rory Freeman (a former agent of Ford Models) and Kim Barnouin (a former model with a Masters in Holistic Nutrition).

The topic is pretty much weight loss through healthy life style choices.

Some parts are pretty funny:

Scientists use formaldehyde to sanitize and preserve things…”they don’t f*ing eat it!”

“Government agencies don’t give a sh*t about your health.”

She made me burst out laughing more than once.

But then it takes a wrong turn. It gets way too preachy and uses scare tactics that sound flat out desperate and extremist.

Ever seen an animal rights rally with pictures of animals ripped to hell and farm workers torturing them for fun? Now you can hear all about it and feel like you’re there.

She goes on a disgusting, overly graphic, and emotionally manipulative description of every horrible thing that goes on in animal product factories.

It’s valuable to know the facts, but seriously, it’s entirely over the top.

I will say, the information on body function and the way we process food is very good. She does a great job of explaining how everything works and why.

But even here I wonder. I mean, sometimes the tone is conversational and relaxed. And then there’ll be several long and complex sentences in a very formal and academic style. She balances the tone in most segments, but blows it completely in several others.

Then there’s the exposé on the forces that are conspiring against us. Seriously, she actually says, “Trust no one.” Once again, her facts are great, but the delivery… oh the delivery. Soap box anyone?

Overall, I liked the book. Not a favorite. Not sure I’ll give at Christmas. But still, it has it’s good points.